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[JMovie2011] The Prince of Tennis: Eikoku-shiki Teikyū-jō Kessen!

Have you watched PoT Movie 2 guys? I just watched it recently. Its really a good movie and i can say it the best! ^^

Prince of Tennis - Eikokushiki Teikyuu Shiro Kessen!.avi_000172797

The Cast :
Minagawa Junko as Echizen Ryoma
Daito Shunsuke as Siu
Saotome Taichi as Keith
Okiayu Ryoutarou as Tezuka Kunimitsu
Kaida Yuki as Fuji Syusuke
Suwabe Junichi as Atobe Keigo
Hosoya Yoshimasa as Shiraishi Kuranosuke
Kusunoki Taiten as Sanada Genichirou
Murikubo Shoutaro as Kirihara Akaya
Shingaki Tarusuke as Kite Eishirou
Irino Miu as Peter

The Synopsis :
Seigaku and a familiar selection of Japan's other top junior tennis teams gather in Wimbledon, London, for a tennis tournament. During tennis practice, the Japanese players are suddenly attacked by a violent "street tennis" group that calls themselves "Crack". An encounter with a former Crack member named Siu leads Ryoma and his friends into a battle with Crack to confront its leader, Keith, and discover his reasons for having such a violent approach to tennis. (Prince of Tennis Wikia)

My Comment :
THE BEST! I am a BIG FAN of PoT and i always hoping Konomi-sensei will show an amazing job! Apparently he manage to do it! Arigato gozaimashita Konomi-sensei! For those who are really fond with PoT, i suggest you guys watch this movie! Not as the first movie, in this movie we can see a lot of characters other than Seigaku. You can see how cute Kin-chan hugging Ryoma (XD), Atobe richness, Fuji partnering with Kite in double match, ninja player, and Ryoma new movement. Hontou ni, saiko desu! Just this movie is a RAW version since i cannot find the subbed one. Since i can understand a little bit japanese and referring some scene at lucathia_rykatu journal, i can understood the flow of story. (n_n)

The Link :
[LINK 01] - Its have eight files and you need to join them with HJSplit. I cannot do anything if the link doesn't work or need to be reupload but i can tell provider about it. The links being ok right now, so don't worry~

[LINK 02], [LINK 03] - If you need some references to understand flow of story, you can see at here. Its really helping! ^^

[LINK 04 ||Part 1||Part 2||Part 3||] - An English Subbed in MKV format. Thank you for 2SE-subs for subbing and uploaded this. I can't do anything if video doesn't work because I'm just sharing the link.

[LINK 05] -  Since the uploader forbid sharing their direct link of English Subbed version, I just can share their website here. You need join the community first before download it.

The Song :
14U by AAA

A bunch of screencaps from my favorite scene~

Echizen Ryoma~

Seigaku team with Ryuzaki-sensei

Hyotei Gakuen.
Oshitari says something about Atobe who used to live in England

Here comes the noisy one running and hugging Ryoma.

Kawai nee Kin-chan~

Kin-chan : Playing a match at Wimbledon is like a dream!


They being cute together

Sanada : Tarondoru!
Rikkai seems in high spirit!

More cuteness from Kin-chan~
Kin-chan : nanka, kincho kang aruwa (i don't know how to translate it,but i kinda understood it)

Yukimura Buchou. Being beautiful in here too!

Soushite, atashi no ouji-sama XD. Nanka kakkoi nee, Shiraishi~

Minna no ouji-sama.
Ryoma : I know i'm gonna win! (Orewa zettai katsu keto nee)
Way to go Ryoma! ^^
Enough with those standing around looking pretty screencaps!

In the next part, we are shown a ton of tennis. Everyone is hyped up for upcoming match. But i just go through to the night they getting attacked! Looks Shiraishi's expression, something happen in front of his eye. (I love this! XD)

Ryoma rushes to protect Momo from getting hit by balls. Someone interrupted their precious match! (Its looks like who win will be treat by the loser - that's kind precious for them..haha)

Shiraishi running from the attackers in middle of night

Dodging attack - by flying~ XD
I love this scene so much! It show how Shiraishi dodged the attacked in a beautiful way

Akaya received a shot that destroyed his racket string! The attackers using real tennis ball.

Tezuka with two fastest shot in same time but surely he can counter it! ^^

Shiraishi go getting Tezuka. Now they're surrounded by enemies
Tezuka : I don't need your help
Shiraishi : I'm not helping. The number just increase (what an excuse!)

Choutarou was hit by real tennis ball on his right leg

The attackers increased the number of balls and targeting Choutarou. Shishido come forward to protect Choutarou thus make him being hit by the balls (you now are hero Shishido!)

Shishido : Geki..daza..daze..
And fell down...

Akaya : How can i face fuku-buchou after all of this...
(Me : Akaya, your injuries are more important than that!)

The leader attackers, Keith targeting the ball to Ryoma but Momo rushes to protect Ryoma and getting hit by that ball. Momo flying~

Ryoma : Momo-sempai!!!
Peter (one of the attackers) took the chance by aiming the shot to Ryoma while he go getting Momo. Suddenly, mistery guy come save him by hit the shot back to Keith.

After been attack, they are hospitalized. Thankfully, they only got light injuries. See, Choutarou really worried about Shishido.

Akaya : Sanada fuku-buchou, hontou ni gomennasai!
(Akaya really does apologize to Sanada. By the way, i adding the dialog myself~ XD)

Not care at all.
After that everyone talked about what happened. And then the mystery guy named Siu crashes the party. Everyone noticed that he wear a ring much like attacker, but Ryoma speaks up for him. Kaidoh getting pissed and want to go at him. So they have match! Until both buchous and fuku-buchous return and stop them and ask Siu more about group he used to be part of. Siu explain that the attacker is known as Crack. Siu want to faced them by himself and suprising, Ryoma says to let him go by himself! (Are you sure, Ryoma?)

Looks who's in Siu's boat! Ryoma, you still don't know how to sit quietly. (He really love to butt into other people business if its related to TENNIS!)
Siu : What are you doing? Get off from the boat!
Ryoma : In the middle of water?
Siu : what you like~

Ryoma : Yes!
(I like his expression on here~)

The whole team realized Ryoma's disappearance. They probably know where he are about to go.
Kin-chan : Where did you go, Koshimae? (Poor Kin-chan)

Rescue team! Atobe with his swiftbike are ready to go with Tezuka. Fuji comes with Oishi and says want to go too. The noisy Akaya wants to join too. He says that he asked for permission from the buchou. Apparently he did not when Sanada appears and yelling at him (actually, Sanada wants to go too! XD)

Shiraishi wants to be a part of team too!

Atobe : My swiftbike fit for two people only.

Higa comes to save the day since they doing part-time job by renting out boats. (Me : How comes they never reached at Okinawa, instead being at England? LOL!!)

Kite : You need a boat?
Hirakoba : We'll rent you the boat at the discounted price of 500 pounds.
Akaya : That's too expensive!! The price went up!
Atobe : You guys being too noisy! (actually he said shomin-domo - means, common people~)

Atobe flashes his card!
(Me : nani?!! - the card even wear a crown!! If i'm not mistaken, they called King Card. Sasuga Atobe-sama~ )

Higa's reaction. LOL!

Higa : We are yours to command, Your Highness.
Shiraishi : Don't you have a pride?
Akaya doesn't look impressed~

Rescue team are leaving.

Sanada asks Atobe if he knows where they're going. Atobe says of course, it's his castle after all.

Akaya : Seriously?!!!
(I'm shocked too!! Atobe owned a castle? Doesn't your richness has any limit, Atobe?)

Fuji : I see. King of Kings.It's fitted Atobe.
(Me : Only him would use flashy names~ My prince debut started here. Kinda late nee? T^T)

Atobe : Thrill to my mastery of helm!

Shiraishi : That's not even a boat~
(Love Shiraishi's unimpressed look)

Team Crack lead by Keith (in the center).
Next part, there would be a match between Siu and Peter but i skipped it~

Rescue team arrived and leaps off the rising drawbridge but Kite stays behind.
Kite : My jobs end here. I only doing my part time job of renting out the boat. See you then.
Actually, he remained behind to fight! The sand comes pouring down and form a tennis court!

Kite : Sand is my playground.
Opponent : Beach? (He can saw the beach behind Kite. Kite, you got skill!)

Being beaten by two opponents. That's not fair! Until...

The prince charming with white horse has comes to rescue!!!
(I really want to change place with Kite in this scene! XD)

Leaps off the horse and hit back the ball to the opponent.

Kite too

Double match with back to back position ( this tennis? Fuji and Kite in double?..)

Fuji : Yoroshiku, partner~
(he looks sweet on here ^^)

Sanada and Akaya stays behind this time. A huge gate comes down and detaining them. We can say that gate is a replacement net for their match.

Another opponent are waiting for them. Atobe stays for this one.

Looks like no one are going to be able to reach Ryoma in time to help in. Tezuka and Shiraishi continue their double! Meanwhile, Ryoma has about to started his match with Keith.

They bumped into each other

jump - dodging attack~

Meanwhile, Sanada keeps taking all the shots. That makes Akaya irritating. He wants take the shots too!

In the middle of million shots

The shots increased! Atobe doesn't impressed at all.

Shiraishi : What with that ball just now? I'm pretty sure it's out.
Tezuka : Yudan sezou ni ikou!

Ryoma's match with Keith. Apparently he was flying! Then hits the killer shot!

Resulting this! Too much power~

Keith's serve. He gather too much ki. Watch out, Ryoma!

That serve makes Ryoma floating~


Ryoma... (T^T)
Skip the flashback about Siu and Keith, also Ryoma's new movement~

Time to put plan into action! (Woah~ i just love this! Fuji, you really melting me~ XD)

Taking two shots at once using Kagerou Zutsumi

Hits both shots!

Here comes Hoshi Hanabi! (utsukushii~)

And Kite's Big Bang!

Dang!! They destroyed the bridge~ The bad guy falling into water.
(Me : Woahhh!! Kite puts too much power into Big Bang!)

Sanada keeps battering the gate.

Dang!! The big gate collapse! Akaya, it's your turn now!

Devil Akaya Mode! Watch out, bad guys!

Still standing in the middle of a bunch of shots, Atobe doesn't seems worried at all~

Even though his opponent turns ninja. (Me : Eh??)
That ninja things doesn't bothers Atobe you know~

Atobe : They you are..FREEZE!

Bad guy falls off the wall.

Atobe : Hmph,you should not have gone ninja in front of me~
(Me : Konomi-sensei, are you fond with ninja story while doing this?)

Shiraishi puts the ball close to his left cheek, lets it soak up his sweat.

Shiraishi's serve looks pretty here..^^

Shiraishi on purpose fault his serve, and makes the ball leaves a mark on the floor. They then found out that the line of court actually change, expanding or shrinking. That's make their opponents shots always go in.

Tezuka says that makes things simple. They don't have to assume it out over the shots that in or out. Activate Tezuka Zone!! Whooosshhhhh~

Shiraishi : Mmm~ Ecstacy!! Heh..
Meanwhile Ryoma's match with Keith are continue. Skip this~

Everyone arrived all at the same time! Epic! Ryoma seems touched here.

Then the battle continue until Ryoma hits his finishing shots! Looks like he gather more ki than Keith before.

Siu rushes to save Keith. It's clearly Keith cannot counter this one.

That shot resulting this!! Ryoma, are you tried to killing Keith and Siu? Thankfully neither of them die. That's glad!

Ryoma : Mada mada dane

Falls into Fuji. (I want change place with Ryoma in this scene!!)

(Ore, sanjou! Oh no, i mistaken it with Kamen Rider Den-O. Haha.. This kind of coincidentally, but both of series has Momo, right? XD)
Momo : Momoshiro Takeshi, sanjou!
With Yukimura and Oshitari there to save them. It looks like Atobe's helicopter~

Prince of Tennis - Eikokushiki Teikyuu Shiro Kessen!.avi_004815393
Fuji : Echizen, we also have bond, you know.
Rescue Mission accomplished!

Ryuzaki-sensei being teased again~ ^^

Seigaku are ready for the new day after some of members went through the harsh day!
After that, we get a bunch of still shots of everyone playing in the matches. I put my favorites only!

You are so slow, Kenya!

I think Zaizen team up with Chitose in double match~

Marui doesn't looks cute here (-.-")

Oshitari kinda reminds me of Takumi Saito. Eh?!

Are you guys going back to Okinawa with that? Higa Chuu~ LOL!! XD

Devil Mode doesn't seems appear on here.

Atashi daini no oujisama! XDDDD

Yukimura in beautiful scene~

Seems like Atobe enjoyed his match.

Double pair~

Atashi ichi no oujisama! XDDDDDD

Tezuka Zone!

Finally, Ryoma's serving~


That's it! Enjoy yourself! (n_n)

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