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[POT] New Prince of Tennis OVA 01

The Synopsis :
An episode about a day before every school get invitation to training in Under-17 Camp. It's also an adaptation from several fanbooks.

My Comment:
I totally like it!!! Although there less funny scene, but I enjoyed it. I get to know Sanada's grandfather and nephew, Tezuka's grandfather, Shiraishi's little sister, Ryoma's oversea friends and Yukimura's funny side~ ^^ I watched a RAW version, but I just download an English subbed, so I will put the link below..^^ I read some fanbooks (translate by some fans) that contain some scenes of this OVA , and that makes me more understood the flow of story while I watched the RAW one [even though I knows Japanese.. XDDD]~

The Link :
[LINK 01] - RAW version

[LINK 02 ||part 1||part 2||] - English subbed (please join with HjSplit)

Bunch of my favorite scene~

 Atobe's mansion..I will lost if I get in there~


Ready for school

WOW~ Ore-sama pick three cellphones..white, red and green
Before going to school, the butler said that there were accident on the way, and worried Bocchama will be late to school~
Finger up...

...and said he will approach from above~
(Me : eh???!!!!~)

You bet this is Atobes~

Woah~ He really does approach from above..

And have his name on his airbag~

Hyotei Gakuen looks expensive!

Atobe looking around..

...there is NO ONE...

Checking the day~

And said : It is SUNDAY!
(Me : Atobe, don't you looks calendar before going school? What a good student you are!!)

Meanwhile, somewhere in America..

Ryoma in middle of crowd

While walking..

..being stop by a group of America's kid

With arrogant look


One of the kid with angry face~

Being pushed by others and said hi to Ryoma

Ryoma : Cheese!!
After this, Ryoma having match with the Kid name Ken..skip this~ ;p

Sanada's house

Why do you have such an impatient looks, Sanada?


Kyuujuu- WOAH!!

(He said that to himself..ahahahahaa~)

Owh, Sanada tried to move 100 soy beans from one plate to another..and said that he not give up until he moved all soy beans~

Sanada's nephew, Sanada Sasuke. Doesn't he looks girly here? And he looks more like Yanagi then Sanada...XD

Sasuke ask Sanada, why he too loudly in the morning and said it's annoying, oji-san~
**oji-san here means uncle**

Sanada : Ohayou Sasuke-kun. An who are you called 'oji-san'? There are plenty of  others way to address onii-san.
**onii-san = big brother**
 (Me : Onii-san? Don't you know you relationship with Sasuke? It's make sense if he called you oji-san. You are his uncle after all, Sanada~)

Sasuke : Then, I'll change the way I call you......GENICHIROU~



..WITH NO HONORIFICS?!! That's what Sanada said~
Then he chase Sasuke..
Sanada's tag-chase game was disturbed by his grandfather's sneeze~

Sanada Gen'emon

Gen'emon said, that he was waiting for an old friend from police force to having a shougi match. So far, it's been 99 wins and 99 losses. He also have been thinking the strategy all night to get 100th win.
**shougi = Japanese chess**

Gen'emon got a massage..

"Dear Gen'emon, today I'm going fishing with my grandson. The match have to be move to another day. From Tezuka Kunikazu"

(Me : Both of them are obsessed by Tezuka no Kazoku..hahaha~)

Shall I say, it is in Osaka?

Three lottery ticket~

Hold by Kenya. His cousin Yuushi is there too. Kenya was complain something about shop owner that only give three lottery ticket to him. Special prize of the lottery is Onsen Trip for 2 nights and 3 days in Hokkaido for two~
**Onsen = hot springs**

Yuushi : How romantic~
(Me : If it with Kenya, would you call it romantic too?)

Kenya in high spirit!

That's too fast, Kenya.

The shop owner ask Kenya to roll in gentle way. Then Kenya said : NO SPEED NO LIFE!!

Here what you get with your speedy otaku. A package of tissues~

Shocked look.. ahahahahaha

Yuushi said Kenya doens't have luck and want to change the player
(Me : Does you said you have any luck Oshitari? Lets the way, I always call Yuushi with second name. But since there are two Oshitari here, I put his first name..^^)

Rolling in gentle way~

Tissues for lucky person~

Hahaha..shocked face~

For the last one..

Both of them want to roll it!

Kenya : Yuushi, this is for Naniwa's speed star.
Yuushi : Who was it that paid more for groceries, Kenya?

Kenya : It's can be help I guess~

Holding the roller..

Yuushi just close his heart..

Kenya cheering for Yuushi

Confident looks~

Too excited Kenya~

You too, Yuushi~

Here, a package of tissues..

-ARIENAI- Shocked face #3~

Yuushi : We will do more shopping in this district.
Kenya : Yosshaa!! The one who buys, wins!
(Me : I think, you have to save that money for for your own Onsen Trip~)

Tezuka and his grandfather, Tezuka Kunikazu were fishing..Now I know where Tezuka got his serious-face-all-time looking..(-_-")

How long there have been fishing? Too many fish for morning fishing!


Doesn't the middle-yellow-color bait looks like Oishi?

Yappari, it's from Oishi. A present for Tezuka's birthday~

Motionless and thought there is no fish will get hooked on it~ ahahaha

Both of them got a message

Read it

Kunikazu too

"TE, TEZUKAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! -Sanada Genichirou"

"TEZUKAAAAAAAAA! -Sanada Ge'nmon"

Kunikazu : Just spam, I see.
Kunimitsu : Mine too.
(Me : Poor Sanadas..XDDDD)
Meanwhile, Ken training for tomorrow morning match with Ryoma..skip~

Seishun Gakuen

Eiji did some training

Hoi! Hoi!

While Oishi watched with gloomy looking and think doesn't he is one of Golden Pair member?

Because Eiji training with his clone! Poor Oishi~

Tezuka came and said that both of them have to meet Ryuzaki-sensei. Tezuka realized Oishi's gloomy and tried to cheer him by showing the result of fishing from yesterday.

Oishi : Tezuka...

Shitenhouji member playing bowling~ Gin ready for his turn. Kenya then complained about Shiraishi that been returning home early lately.

Koharu : Maybe he got a girlfriend already?

Unimpressed face~ XD

Shiraishi's house

(Me : AAAAAAA!!!!!!!! I'm melting!!!! Why you have to show this face~)
Shiraishi talking to someone  that he/she are really cute and said how they meet with each other...

And that person is THIS! Kabutomoshi @ Kabriel...(-_-)/~~~

 And he wish they will be together..
(Me : I'm totally melting!)

Poke~ Poke~

Shiraishi Yukari, Shiraisi's imouto.

Yukari : Nee Ku-chan, did you know that kabutomoshi can't live thru winter?
Shiraishi : Ah!

Ah~ ha


Tears burst from his eyes..chotto, are you crying Shiraishi?????!!!!!

Then Shiraishi raised the temperature~
Yukari : Wait, Ku-chan! Don't raise the temperature! It's HOT!!!
Shiraishi : Don't leave me behind, Kabriel!!!!!!
(Me : Seriously, I'm burst into laugh after watched this~)

Yukimura~ He thought about Ryoma's word during their match on National Competition and thinking to apply them in Rikkai training~

Rikkaidai Fuzoku

Yukimura : Apparently tennis is something you get better in if you enjoy it. That's why we at Rikkai will insert laughter in our play from now on and have fun tennis.



Yukimura then said it's not going to work apparently~

The other side, Ken was beat up in his match with highschoolers.


This bad guy ready for another shot that aimed to Ken's body

Fortunately, Ryoma's help just in time. And of course he return that shot easily!


Ryoma's back..
After that they continue the match and of course Ryoma/Ken win easily. All thanks to Ryoma~

Unsatisfied with his losses, this guy tried to hurt Ryoma

Ryoma, watch out!!

Suddenly, another shot from different angel hit that ball..

..and hit his face...

Ryoma's saviour. I dare to say he is Ryoga~ ^^
He then disappear from the scene.

Ryoma got letter from Japan.

Read it..

Its was Under-17 Camp invitation letter

There also one for Seigaku..



..also Hyotei..

 It's time for Ryoma's leaving..all his friends wave their hand thanks him for a lot things.

Ryoma leaving..

Ryoma waiting for train..

Hyotei going with bus


Shitenhouji too ready for get going


Meanwhile in somewhere at Okinawa..

Kite : To the U-17 Camp you say?

Coach : Yeah, you were chosen too. Now get going.
 Hirakoba : Right now?
Kite : But we just back from England and..
(Me : From England? That means this was continued from movie 2? And they accross the ocean by raft only?? LOL!!)

The coach said that they have no much time, so they have to get going as soon as possible..

 ..with their raft..

See? haahahhahaaaaha~

If you want see more screencaps, you can go here : [Shin POT OVA 01 Album]

Hopefully you enjoy it! ^^ Jaa na~

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