Friday, September 21, 2012

[TENIMYU] Hyotei Gakuen (1st Season)

Hyotei is not my favorite school, so I only put my favorite character only in here~


Atobe is one of my favorite character even though he is exactly an annoying person that doing some flashy thing! I even thought, were him is really a middle school's student?? He's have his own helicopter,jet and the mini zoo (how many pets that do you have Atobe??) and even the are too rich! I will choose you as husband if I'm the materialistic girl! XDDD

(1)Kubota Yuki : I LOVE! I LOVE! I LOVE! I REALLY LOVE YUKI AS ATOBE! He's being a perfect funny Atobe musical version that you usually didn't find it in manga/anime! Did you have seen Atobe playing janken (paper-rock-scissor) before? He did that in musical..He even have matched with SANADA to! And of course the match down to the draw~ haha..somehow I feel that Yuki really resemble to Atobe in funny ways..he is versatile actor and he's manage to portrayed Atobe with his own style..even in dancing and singing, I felt that the one who at the stage is real Atobe and not Yuki..other funny things that he did in Backstage VT is wearing a pink panther's nose while they have a show at Taiwan..he even snatch Sakuno from Tachibana while they have some conversation before the show started..Yuki,no, really greedy!

(2)Kato Kazuki : He is the flashy Atobe! I only watched him in Dream Live 3rd..And I like how he acting as a 'ORE-SAMA BEAUTIFUL' something like that..I don't know how to put in words~

(3)Inoue Masahiro : I didn't watched him ever once in musical!! Gomen nee..(=.=')..(well,i do admit that i saw him in background VT~)

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