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[TENIMYU] Rikkaidai Fuzoku (1st Season)

Ouja; Rikkaidai Fuzoku is one of my favorite school because they are full with energetic and weird people~ ^^


Beware with Yukimura's yips!~

(1)Yagami Ren : Ren was perform in Absolute King Rikkai 1st Service/2nd Service, Dream Live 4th, Progressive Match Higa and Dream Live 5th..and I watched all of it! ^^..He's not a perfect Yukimura but he's really doing a great job in portrayed Yukimura..He doesn't appeared too much in 1st Service/2nd Service since he (Yukimura) was hospitalized and need to do an operation (he even bring a racket to operation room! LOL!!) Dream Live 4th ,he was fainted while he wants greets audience! (He needs to be hospitalize again!! XD)..and he come back with a full energy in Dream Live 5th (its in National arc)..that really gave a completely relive to his too! huhu~..when I watched Rikkai 1st cast, I feels that all of them really being a family..Ren even fed Kane-chan an obentou! How lovely they are! You should also see him with his bedroom slippers! It's a panda pattern if I'm not mistaken..kawai desu!! ^^..they really close with each other..but most of them being graduated before they have match with Seigaku in National Tournament..Ren-kun,wig no nashi,omaiwa kakkoi desu,hontou ni!! XDD

(2)Masuda Toshiki : I feel like Massu is a real Yukimura! I really like his acting, dancing, singing and the way he speaking..its really great! I can feel that Yukimura on the stage,and not Massu..he also able to do Yukimura's expression flawless..i love how he said that all of his teammate is EXTREMELY NOISY (in Dream Live 7th)!! I cannot stop laugh!! HAHAHA!!~ You cannot see that in manga/anime! Massu, hontou ni anta great-o! ^^..And one more scene, where Rikkai having a practice for opening dancing, Massu did some mistake and being slapped by all of Rikkai members! Poor Massu~..what happen if the manga/anime's Yukimura being slap by his team members? All of them gonna be yips!! XDDDDD..Arigato Massu,for being a wonderful Yukimura!! (n_n)


Since there's no one that sharing Sanada Genichirou role, I put two pic of Kanesaki Kentarou to represent the two different time (Kantou and National Tournament)..for me, he really being a perfect Sanada..there's no much different in his face at all (of course!!) and also his role! Shikashi, he become more funny Sanada on stage in National arc..LOVE IT!!!~ Since Sanada is a serious character, there not much we can see Kane-chan smile on the stage and we only can see him scariest face! (-.-")~ But,you know what, even with that scarier and serious face, he will still able to make you laugh non-stop!! How he trained his teammate in Sanada Dojo (Dream Live 4th), how he take away Akaya that try to pick up a fight with Marui, he stretching before sing FuRinKaZan song (Dream Live 5th), he gave a nickname to Tachibana Kippei [Pei-chan *takes from Kippei*] and Akutsu Jin [Akkun] (Dream Live 6th), he continue a janken match with Atobe (Final Match Rikkai 2nd *panorama ver*), he slapped Akaya before sing Rikkai Medley, and even being slapped back by Akaya [Akaya feeling-IIKIMOCHI!!!], soushite being called Mr. Tenimyu by his teammates (Dream Live 7th)~ I CANNOT STOP LAUGHING FOR A SECOND!!! Seriously, Kane-chan really make a funny Sanada! I wish to see it in manga/anime!! In Backstage VT, you will see a real funny Kane-chan with or without Sanada outfit..I doesn't feel any regret for watching him again and again..just how suteki he is~~~ Arigatou Kane-chan,tanoshimeru acting no omaiwa!!


(1)Ono Kento : I cannot find the cute Kento in I put his picture wearing a school uniform..well, he doesn't be a cute Yanagi at all..I think he doesn't fit to played Yanagi because he is too small/thin to become Yanagi..but he really make a fun Yanagi..haha~ I found he cute when he didn't wear kappa's wig..hehe..i really love when i watched him bending Akaya's leg in Dream Live 5th..its really funny!!

(2)Yamaoki Yuuki : The crying-baby Yanagi! XDDD..I called him that because he always crying in Backstage VT..he even crying on his birthday when Final Match Rikkai 2nd's cast make a surprise for him, Ikkou and Massu..Rikkai members always teasing him because of that (especially Masa & Genki)! Poor Yamaoki~ Other than talented in crying, he also doing a good job in portrayed Yanagi..he being a perfect Yanagi on stage (while being a cry-baby on backstage! XDD) and able to make a wonderful expression of Yanagi..he singing with his eye closed too! He make a deeper voice to match it with Yanagi's personality..and even his movement doesn't seem flawless at all! Omedeto Yamaoki! And thank you!! (n_n)


"Kinodoku desu ka,korega shou batoru~"....ADIEU!!

(1)Baba Toru : I always wondered, how much Ba-chon use a foundation for a one show? It's because i can't see any mole on his face! Well, it's ok though since Yagyuu doesn't have any mole..^^..and yes, he is my favorite Yagyuu in musical..he really can portrayed a funny Yagyuu..I LOVE IT because I always find out that Yagyuu (manga/anime) is a bored person..haha..he really makes a fun of Yagyuu personality and I feel Yagyuu doesn't seem bored anymore..he's kinda looks more like Niou..isn't it? That's reminds me of the match between Golden Pair and Yagyuu/Niou which is Niou and Yagyuu changing their appearance with each other..I kinda doesn't like Ba-chon wear Niou's wig cause it seems okashii with his small eyes..haha~ He also always did something funny on backstage such as makes Yukimura kneeling to him! Sugoi! Sugoi, sugoi! Who do you think that he makes kneel to him? KAMI NO KO!! XDDD..other scene like he played something with Akaya [I assumed Dragon Ball?! Haha~]..RikkaiMyu surely have a bunch of weird person~ THAT'S WHY I REALLY LOVE THEM! (n_n)

(2)Onoda Ryuunosuke : An alternate cast which is he and Ba-chon take turns in playing Yagyuu..since I am only watch him in backstage and Dream Live 7th Alternate Cast Footage, the things that i can say only is, I really adore his dancing..I watched his dancing for Dead End song..on his part he lift his right leg and I suddenly though ' elastic he is?'..I tried doing like that and its feels hurt on my leg..(-.-")..ADIEU!!~


(1)Nakagauchi Masataka : Masa really makes me start to love Niou!! XDD~ He makes a cute Niou in musical! I don't know how to describe it, but I feel he really makes a really great job in portrayed a CUTE-FUN-FUNNY Niou with his own style..and I always admiring his dancing! Yes he is a great dancer..his dancing that I like most in musical is in 'Petenshi Daa? Nan to Demo ie' song along with his buddy, Ba-chon (Dream Live 5th)..while being a great dancer on stage, he is truly a funny person on backstage! Ahhh~ I really like watching him and other Rikkai member's pun! V(^O^)V! Arigato Masa, for makes me love Niou! Owh, since Masa is older than me, could i call him Onii-chan? XDDDD!~

(2)Wada Taisuke : Also an alternate cast that take turn played Niou role with Masa..I really like to see him in every backstage that contain Rikkai National Members..he doing good in acting especially in funny part..Mmmm~ Peanut!!! XDDDD~


Marui is one of my most-favorite-character because he is CUTE!! He will become super cute when he make a peace sign! KAWAIIIII~...can I being him little sister?..since he only have two younger brother..Can I? Can I?...........No i can't~ (=.=')..yappa, muri deshou..he is too YOUNG to be my onii-chan!!!

(1)Kiriyama Renn : Funny Marui! When I watched him in Rikkai First & Second Service, I wonder if Marui manga/anime will be like him..nee? I also like when Renn-chan split out Jackal's catchphrase 'FIRE!' & 'EXCELLENT' in Dream Live 5th..Kawai deshou~~~ And of course, as one of Rikkai member, he also makes a funny things on Backstage! Sasuga Rikkai, always making me laughing non-stop..^^..owh~ since Renn-chan is older than me, can I being his imouto?? (DREAMING!!) XDDDD

(2)Acaba Mio : Kita kita, kawai Marui~ Mio-chan really portrayed a cute Marui on stage with his big eyes and sweet smile..[melting~]..but I wonder, how he makes a big eyes since he have a really small eyes..make up maybe? Sasuga tensai nee..Mio-chan not really funny even on backstage but he sure make a cute things A LOT!! ^^


(1) Yuuki Jyutta : Crybaby Jackal~ (even though he is tough on court ;p)

(2)Toda Shingo : Funny Jackal on the backstage~ Really being a good partner to Mio-chan..^^


"Temae mo aka kesomette yaru ka.."~ I wonder if Akaya say this to me since I put that title (@_@")..Although Akaya is a rough and scary character, he still being a funny and kind person outside the court..(n_n)

(1)Ookawa Genki : KAWAI AKAYA~..I really love Genki as Akaya..even he makes a scary face on stage, but I think it's really cute since he always makes a cute voice and things on the backstage in Akaya form..^^..he being a good partner with Renn-chan (1st RikkaiMyu) in making a funny things in backstage, and being an evil person together with Masa (National Arc) in teasing Yamaoki, also partnering with Ba-chon in playing a game (Dragon Ball maybe?~..I wonder what they play...haha)

(2)Nishimura Mitsuaki : KOWAI AKAYA~..he still makes a scary face in this picture..(-.-") alternate cast in National Arc, he also doing well in portrayed scary and evil Akaya..;p..playing an evil role as Akaya, Mitsuaki actually a little childish and lenient person..he always shows that in backstage VT either in Akaya form or not..^^

Done with Rikkai~ See you next in Shitenhouji post! ^^

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