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[TENIMYU] Seigaku (1st Season)

As a big fan of Prince of Tennis, I'm also love to watch Prince of Tennis Musical, or most known as TENIMYU. The cast portrayed the characters with their own style...and i really like that..each of them bring a new element for the characters that we can't find it in manga or anime..for example,the serious character will become too funny in musical like Tezuka and Sanada..haha~ So here i will share a little about my thought of every my fav characs..^^ I will start with Seigaku since they are the main character in this musical~

**All of the picture below are not own by me! I just download it from other webpage (almost from the credit goes to them who are having a great time to scanned this! Hontou ni Arigato Gozaimashita!!**
**I put my favorite characters and school only~** 

1)Yanagi Kotaro : I only watch him played Ryoma in Dream Live 2nd, 3rd and 7th..there's not much i can say about him since he didn't dance too much (due to his affection from accident i think) but he really be a funny Ryoma (in Dream Live 3rd with Shirota Yu as Tezuka)..Daniel..Daniel~ haha!

(2)Endo Yuya : I didn't watch him too much since I only saw him in Dream Live 1st and I really don't know how to say about him..hmmmm [thinking~]

(3)Sakurada Dori : The tallest Ryoma!!!

(4)Sakamoto Shougo : I totally love his VOICE!! Its not because he can sing (I'm sing better than him..haha~) but he sure have a cute voice...when I watch Progressive Match Higa Backstage,I laugh for sure when he wear the glasses and became Tezuka in end of speech..Yudan sezou ni ikou~..KAWAIIIIIIII!!!!

(5)Takahashi Ryuki : He is my favorite..he really can sing well as Ryoma and a good actor too..more important,he really funny boy that have cute face especially when he smile..[melting~]..he even made me watch kamen Rider Fourze!!!!


(1)Takigawa Eiji : Watch him only in Dream Live 1st and 7th..he have Tezuka face at all..(n_n)

(2)Shirota Yu : Many people love him being Tezuka..its not I don't like him being Tezuka,just he is not my fav..but he really doing great in singing..^^

(3)Minami Keisuke : Now I wonder, which part on Minami that similar to Tezuka~

(4)Watanabe Daisuke : The FUNNIEST Tezuka I've ever seen!!! I always try to hold my laughter when I watch him in Dream Live 5th and 6th, and I always fail!! Even in backstage,he still become a funny of my favorite..

(5)Baba Ryoma : Also my favorite, the 2nd FUNNIEST Tezuka! And also a THINNER Tezuka! Try looks other Tezukas and you will see Ryoma is too thin to become Tezuka..haha~ I love how he created a cheering for himself as Tezuka.."KU.NI.MIT.SU! KUNIMTSU! KU.NI.MIT.SU! KUNIMITSU!"..Omoshiro, hontou ni!! One of his charm point is his smile..really melting when i see it..huhu..(I'm admit that i watched Super Sentai Go-Buster! because of him!)


I always set my eyes on this cast since Fuji Syusuke is my favorite character both in manga and anime! Let see who being my favorite Fuji!

(1)Kimeru : He's doing great in singing..^^

(2)& (3)Aiba Hiroki : The FUNNIEST Fuji either in musical or backstage..I really like his dancing! Its super awesome! I put two pic of him since he is the nidaime and sandaime Fuji..(n_n)

(4)Furukawa Yuuta : The tallest Fuji! I really like his post in this pic..its just awesome with his serious look..also being funny Fuji all the time..he even tall than Tezuka (Watanabe Daisuke)!!

(5)Hashimoto Taito : Taito! Taito! Taito! Yes I'm cheering for Taito because he is my favorite Fuji!!!!! He is not exactly Fuji Syusuke in manga/anime but he is perfect Fuji Syusuke for musical..I really love him..his softness in dancing and talking really looks like Fuji and its really super duper awesome!!! (in my eyes)..his height,face and everything about him just looks like Fuji..[speechless!~]..some fans called him Akama Fuji (Devil Fuji) since he hold Kazari role in Kamen Rider OOO (yes,I watch because of him!!! ;p)..but I always said that he is the CUTEST Fuji!! Love you Taito!!! (as onee-chan since he is younger than me! XDDD)


(1)Tsuchiya Yuichi : "Tuti desu!!!!"..funniest Oishi! He always make a fun Oishi! Tanoshimi~

(2)Suzuki Hiroki : I didn't watch him much..

(3)Takiguchi Yukihiro : I love how he portrayed Oishi that having amnesia in Rikkai King : First Service since we cannot find it in manga/anime..he cannot sleep at all for being worried too much and have to count Eiji to get sleepy..I will laugh when he start to count "Eiji ippiki,Eiji niki,hahaha..Eiji nani shiterun dayo?!.." [LOL! haha~]

(4)Toyoda Yuya : He really being a worried Eiji in musical..

(5th)Tsujimoto Yuki : A cute Oishi..its rare to see Oishi being a cute person nee? (n_n)


Eiji is one of my favorite chara nya..but its seems that there have no one to be my favorite Eiji in musical nya..(T_T)..shimpai shiteru,all of them doing a good job in making Kikumaru Eiji with their own style nya..^^

(1)Nagayama Takashi : I love how he phrasing Eiji's catchphrase nya..kawaii desu! nya..

(2)Adachi Osamu : I wondered, why he does not smile in this pic nya? He should smile even for a bit since Eiji is a cheerful person nya..that's is one of his lovely attitude nya..owh nya! I know nya! he does smile too much on stage nya!! (n_n)..Didn't watch him much~

(3)Seto Kouji : Yappari, he really cute without Eiji's wig nya!!..(Yes, I love him being Wataru more! XDDD)

(4)Hamao Kyousuke : Kawai Eiji nya!

(5)Takazaki Shouta : I really like him WITHOUT Eiji's wig nya!!! He is freaking cute nya!! He really make a good combination with Tsuji (5th Oishi) in musical nya..and a good dancer too nya! ^^

**Please don't hate me for putting "nya" in every sentence..hehe XDDDD**


Inui is not my favorite character, so the probability there have no one to be my favorite Inui is 100%!! XDDDDDD

(1)Aoyama Sota : "Kona creamy dattanda.." I can't believe he drank Inui Juice and said that really delicious? haha~

(2)Araki Hirofumi : If I'm not mistaken, he also acted as Inui in Live Action Movie..the shortest Inui..haha..he also act as Zaizen Hikaru's actor voice in anime..hontou ni sugoi because i love Zaizen's voice so much..(n_n)

(3)Nakayama Masei : I watched Yanagi (Ono Kento) more than him on their match!!

(4)Takahashi Yuuta : Funniest Inui!~

(5)Arai Yusuke : He much better without spikey hair and that black megane!~


(1)Kitamura Eiki : Super handsome Taka-san!! Well, he doing good as Taka-san in musical..^^..(he's good as Kira Izuru too even though i didn't watch Burimyu!)

(2)Kotani Yoshikazu : I didn't watch him much~ (-.-")

(3)Watanabe Kouji : Is the person who have Watanabe's name always be a funny person??? Because Kouji always portrayed a funny Taka-san on stage!!

(4)Teyu Kon : He is the second Taka-san in 4th Generation because the 1st one was played by Ogasawara Hiroaki (Progressive Match Higa & Dream Live 5th) and i didn't put him on here! Gomen nee,i really forgot..(T_T)..I didn't see Teyu so much in musical since he was played in Treasure Match Shitenhouji 4A and i only watched Treasure Match Shitenhouji 5B..he also didn't appear too much in backstage video.

(5)Chou Ikko : He is too thinner to be Taka-san! But he really strong since he can carried Ryuuki (5th Ryoma) and can supported Ryoma (5th Tezuka) and Aki (5th kaidoh)'s weight at one time!! Sugoi ne?? ^^


(1)Moriyama Eiji : He has a perfect voice tone as Momo even though he lend his voice as Ibu Shinji in anime..or maybe we can say Momoshiro Ibu's version? eh?~

(2)Kaji Masaki : Didn't watch him much..(-.-")~

(3)Takagi Shinpei : Shinpei really doing good as Momo especially when he has to cry after watching Meiken Lucky (Famous Dog Lucky) movie..I have watched some kind that similar like that movie too (about dog)..and its really touching me! Although I watched it again and again, my eyes would not stop from tearing! (T_T)

(4)Makita Tetsuya : He's doing good in singing..really love it!

(5)Nobeyama Toshihiro : The funny Momo! Even in the backstage! Just I think that his tone of voice doesn't match up with Momo personality.


(1)Gomoto Naoya : The scariest Kaidoh~

(2)Kujirai Kousuke : Shiranai desu...didn't watch him much..(=.=")..owh~ He's played a funny Kaidoh in Dream Live 3rd.

(3)Yanagashita Tomo : The CUTEST Kaidoh!! Its rare to say this since Kaidoh is not one of my favorite character..shikashi, Tomo makes me love Kaidoh musical version! Arigatou Gozaimashita! ^^..I really love the scene on stage where he and Yagyuu (Ba-chon) change place in order to faking information about them while having an informal match with Murigaoka Middle School..Tomo try to split out Yagyuu's catchphrase by doing this "Ah,ah,ah,adieu...ah,ah,ah,ah,adieu..adieu"..he also makes fun on Yagyuu's signature technique, "Laser Beam!..kara no Zero Shiki Drop..kara kara Moon Volley..soka na Kikumaru Beam!!" [LOL! haha!]..while in Backstage video he always making cute thing such as being Marui Bunta in Yagyuu outfit then said "Uhhhhh~ Tensai Teki?" You really tensai Tomo Tomo! ^^

(4)Hirata Yuuichirou : The handsome Kaidoh! I really love him without bandana..Kakkoi desu! ^^

(5)Hayashi Akihiro : One word, FUNNY! Do you have ever seen Kaidoh do 'Mmmm~ Ecstacy!' thing? Yes Aki do that in Kaidoh form!

 Done with Seigaku! I will share other school on next entry..jaa na~ ^^

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