Friday, September 21, 2012

[TENIMYU] Shitenhouji (1st Season)

Shitenhouji is full with fun and funny people..always making my day bright with their stupid and humor pun~ XD


Shiraishi always makes me laughing non-stop with his stupid humor and makes me melting with his cute and sweet smile..Ahhh~ Ecstasy!!! XDDDD..I always be choosy of cast of my favorite character..but I cannot be choosy with Shiraishi's cast! Both of them are being my favorite Shiraishi in musical!~ ^^

(1)Harukawa Kyousuke : The most handsome and kakkoi Shiraishi! I love his smile!! I love his dance! I love how he said 'Ahhh~ Ecstasy!!'..I love all about him! XDDD..he's not really funny, but sure did a cute things on backstage..Honestly, I love Haru-chan with Shiraishi's wig! XD

(2)Sasaki Yoshihide : The sexiest and suteki Shiraishi! He always makes me laughing with his funny humor either on stage or backstage..he also makes a pun with Shiraishi's bandage by saying 'Dokushu Beam!!!!~' with his hand in 'Ultraman attack' position..what a funny things to do~ Hide also one of my favorite dancer and singer in Prince of Tennis musical..^^


"No speed, no life!"

(1)Uehara Takuya : Didn't watch him much on stage as Kenya but I sure saw him a lot in backstage VT XD!

(2)Mizuta Kouki : I really love his smile..kawai deshou~ ^^ ..his good as Kenya on stage..and good as funny Kenya on backstage XD..he always partnering with Ooyama Masashi (Chitose B) [sometimes with Hide] when did something funny..Kouki, hohoemi motto,nee? ^^


Another tennis no tensai, Zaizen Hikaru even though he doesn't take a much part in tournament match (manga/anime) plus he really a lazy person [I wonder how he can be tensai with that attitude XD]..but he catch my eyes in his first year in school..he soo cute!

(1)Satou Hisanori : Also most known as Satoppi (by his fans), Satou-chan portrayed a kawai Zaizen! Anyone can say that plus he has baby-face looking and a cute way of talking~ and he is childish person (in backstage VT) and that makes him more cute! XD..Satou-chan, anta..kawai no oujisama! XD

(2)Kawasumi Bishin : Also being a cute Zaizen using his dimple as an asset to makes me melting~ [hahaha (^_^")].


(1)Kido Yuuya : An aggressive Kin-chan on stage~

(2)Kawaharada Takuya : Noisy Kin-chan on stage or backstage XD


One thing that i like about Chitose is, he always have an optimist and positively thinking..^^..Since I didn't pay much attention on Chitose's cast, the comment will be short!

(1)Isogai Ryuuko : He surely kakkoi without Chitose's wig! XD 

(2)Ooyama Masashi : He surely funny with or without Chitose's wig! (^_^")


One of Shitenhouji's Homo Brigade, Yuuji also known as a Prince of Imitation..I really want to see him imitate Shiraishi XD

(1)Hirano Ryo : Kawai Yuuji..he has a sweet and honest smile (i think..haha) and being like innocent person if he doesn't wear Yuuji outfit~

(2)Uenobori Makoto : Makoto really know how to portrayed Yuuji..such a funny guy..haha


(1)Nishiyama Takeya : Well,he funny as Koharu~

(2)Iizumi Manabu : Doesn't he too young to be Koharu? If you watch or read anime/manga, Koharu's personality is beyond chuubou (middle school student)'s not Koharu only, it's including all of PoT Characters! XD


(1)Hirose Yuusuke : Matured Gin-san!

(2)Yoneyama Yuta : Funny Gin-san!

Isn't comments for Shitenhouji too short? I didn't pay much attention on their cast actually since my eyes only go for Shiraishi cast..eheheheee~

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