Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Kamen Rider Crashed~

I started watching Kamen Rider series when I watched Kamen Rider OOO because of Hashimoto Taito who portrayed Kazari. At first, it doesn't interesting me much, but then I found that I always laugh when it cames to funny part. After all, I love to watched comedy movie~ That's became my first reason why I love to watched them. The second is, the characters of the main protagonist and the actors who played them. ^^

**Note : I watched Kamen Rider Den-O until current series only~**

1. Hidari Shoutaro / Kiriyama Renn
My most favorite character for now. He quiet funny characters. While tried to be hard-boiled detective who looks calm and cool in every action and words, Shoutarou actually is a soft person deep in him who are often thinking about others more than himself, thus makes him known as half-boiled detective. Renn-chan did a good job and not disappoint me when he portrayed Shoutaro~

2. Kurenai Wataru / Seto Kouji
 A clumsiness person yet being cute and funny in everything he do. He looks cool while played violin and easy to blush. I praised Seto-kun for a great performance in portrayed Wataru.

3. Utahoshi Kengo / Takahashi Ryuki
Even when Kamen Rider Fourze is finish, I am still hope that Kengo is Kamen Rider Fourze. That impossible, right?? I'm interested in Kengo more than Kisaragi Gentarou because he is Ryuki-chan! Yes, I am biased because of that~

4. Hino Eiji / Watanabe Shu
He is cute! \(n_n)/

5. Nogami Ryoutaro / Satou Takeru
 I love when Takeru portrayed Ryoutaro in five form - himself and when he is possessed by Momotaros, Urataros, Kintaros and Ryutaros. That's a great acting! Not everyone can do that~

6. Kadoya Tsukasa / Inoue Masahiro
A cold personality. But sometimes can be funny. Thanks to Inoue-san that I watched this series~ hehe..(>_<)

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